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Day Four:
Winding Down the Show

The last day of the second annual Mars Society dawns in Bolder. Buzz Aldrin, second hominid to walk on another world kicked off the morning plenary session with his "View from Apollo 11." Several cool sessions on Mars and the Arts followed, and the Oregon Mars Society delegation was assembled for a group photo, (below right).

On the bottom left, Randall Severy of the Artemis Society demonstrates the CyberTeams Team Director Website and data management software to Mars Society Webmaster Marc Boucher. Team Director manages the Artemis Society membership database and it looks like the Mars Society will be using it as well.

Then the BBC came and got me for a short interview about Martian Lava Tubes. They are here in Boulder working on a 90 minute Learning Channel documentary on pioneering Mars explorations. Hopefully I didn't mince my words too badly, even if I did manage to forget my camera!

Patio Meeting
One of the many Informal Meetings
Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin
MS Websters
A Database Demo
Oregon Delegation
The Oregon Delegation

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