Skylight Cave
Mars Analog Hornito Heaven
(44°20.804w 121°43.052n - Elevation: 4131ft. - Near Sisters, Oregon)
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Just South of the Black Butte Ranch yuppie resort, lies Skylight Cave, (below), a short little tube with some great big features. Notably a series of three hornito-holes, hanging over a large chamber, that gives the cave its name. This cave has the ideal features, (albeit smaller), for a potential analog Martian "Colony Cave."

Skylight Cave

The hornitos are openings that, unlike collapse entrances, have a minimal amout of debris underneath them. Two of the openings, (lower left & right), are large enough to allow for a 14" SolaTube® Skylight for light-piping experiments. The hammer displayed for scale has a head that measures exactly 10 cm.

Skylight Cave Hornito 1 Skylight Cave with Rope Ladder Hornito 2
The size of the chamber below the hornitos is about eight meters from hole to floor. The rope ladder, (for scale only - not used!), measures about three meters long with 30 cm wide rungs. The exceptional power of the Canon® Speedlite 199A is evident in the wide angle view, (below right).
Skylight Cave with Rope Ladder - Outside View Skylight Cave with Rope Ladder - Inside View